Laidlaw Vs Relmada: Who Will Come Out On Top?

Laidlaw Vs Relmada: Who Will Come Out On Top?

Did you know that there are firms providing investment banking services to healthcare companies? I did not know about this until I came across information about Laidlaw & Company. Their relationship with Relmada Therapeutics has however caused ripples in the healthcare circles.

Relmada Therapeutics has had Laidlaw as their primary investment banker until recently. Relmada is a healthcare company that develops new and innovative therapies for the management and treatment of chronic pain. The relationship began to go sour when Relmada expressed dissatisfaction with an investor road show. Relmada also raised concerns about interactions with a potential investor.

Relmada also accused Laidlaw of releasing false and misleading proxy materials, and confidential information. They considered this a breach of contract and took them to court. Relmada filed an injunction against Laidlaw and its principals, Matthew Eitner and James Ahern. The healthcare company is demanding monetary compensation for damages suffered and costs incurred due to the release of the confidential information.

Who is Laidlaw & Company? Laidlaw is an investment and brokerage firm. It provides investment banking services and wealth management services for companies and individuals. Laidlaw brings a 170-year legacy of investment banking into the market. This company assists in raising capital for emerging growth companies. Laidlaw’s entrepreneurial culture and strong work ethic are unique to the industry.

Laidlaw & Company also provides healthcare-focused investment banking. Their expertise in picking out emerging companies in this sector has led them to invest in medical device, biotech, and healthcare IT companies. Some of their clients include Gemphire Therapeutics, Viking Therapeutics, and many others.

Laidlaw & Company is certainly a market leader in their chosen field. The ongoing case with Relmada Therapeutics may dent their reputation slightly. I believe that Laidlaw should handle this issue with care, as the media is usually very quick to highlight anything negative about successful companies. I am certain that the principals, Matthew Eitner and James Ahern will do what is best to maintain a positive image of Laidlaw & Company.


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