Lammily Doll Rivels Barbie

Lammily Doll Rivels Barbie

For those who think that Barbie is too perfect and sending off a negative image to young girls, meet Lammily. Brad Reifler has read that the new doll is a rival to Barbie and she has stretch marks, a little weight on her body and is wearing a full-figure panty. However, if any of you have seen this doll, she looks hideous. What child is actually going to want to play with a doll that looks like this? Are we taking the anti-perfection craze a little too far?

Playing with Barbies, how many people even really think about how perfect she is? I mean most children just play with the dolls and love them because they are pretty. How many little girls are going to want to play with a doll that has hideous stretch marks all over her?

Does the manufacture honestly think that a girl is going to choose a plus size doll that is ugly as sin to play with over Barbie? I am not against plus size women at all, in fact I am one. The real problem is that they are portraying that to be plus size you also must be ugly and mangled. These dolls are proving a stereotype just as Barbie is. Leave Barbie alone! She has been dominating the doll market since the 1950’s and when something works it needs to be left the way it is.


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  1. In real life, women with stretch marks cover them up, or they are in an area that is concealed. Putting them on a doll is taking this to an extreme. It is likely for them to do my assignment australia because I may be having these things working for me strictly for what I know right now.

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