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Civil, human, and migrant rights have perhaps never been talked about more than they have been recently. Rights issues, particularly migrant rights, as well as illegal immigration debates, have been making the headlines for a few years now, ever since it became a hot button topic when the last presidential campaign kicked off, the candidates electing to make these issues part of their campaign platform.

As a result of this tremendous amount of increased exposure and coverage of these issues, a much greater awareness of the rights of individuals in all geographic and demographic classifications has resulted in individuals and groups getting out and helping those people and groups most in need.

What with the popularity and ease of access to internet sites now, people all over the world are able to view the extraordinary number of groups and foundations that commit themselves to assisting and educating people that are in the middle of crises relating to civil, human, and migrant rights issues. Read more: Michael Larcey | Crunchbase

Rights organizations cover the spectrum of the areas and regions of need. Some focus their efforts on a specific geographic region, some make their concentration of help a national effort, and some elect to go really big and widespread, making international assistance their area of focus.

One of the most polarizing issues in political forums of late is the immigration of Mexican citizens into the U.S., migrant rights, and what measures could and should be addressed to somehow come up with ways to ease this unrest.

Even before these issues became big headlines, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, the two journalists who sued and received a settlement of $3.75 million from Maricopa County, Arizona, as a result of a violation of their First Amendment rights, founded the Lacy & Larkin Frontera fund with the settlement money.

This fund helps support freedom of speech, civic participation, and advocates for civil, human, and migrant rights all throughout the state of Arizona, all the way to the Mexican border.

One tremendous organization that fights for refugee and migrant rights all over the world is Amnesty International. This is the world’s largest “grassroot human rights organization”, with millions of people globally demanding human rights for all people.

Amnesty International here in the U.S. has a three-tiered approach to protecting human rights. In their Research phase, they send crisis response teams to affected regions all around the world, discovering individual human rights abuses and patterns of abuse occurring.

In the Mobilization phase, they use their obtained research data to educate the public about these abuses that are happening. And in the Advocacy phase, their leaders go to state and federal levels, speaking to policymakers, demanding they take measures to help protect human rights here in America and all around the world.

Currently, their priority issues include deadly force and police accountability; national security and human rights (exposing and helping end torture and other human rights violations); abolishment of the death penalty in the U.S. and across the world; freeing people imprisoned for exercising their human rights; gender, sexuality, and identity issues; and gun violence.

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