Larkin & Lacey’s Frontera Fund, Its Purpose And The Migrant Population

Larkin & Lacey’s Frontera Fund, Its Purpose And The Migrant Population

The migrant population Of the southwest is in need of assistance and support given bureaucracy and government corruption. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have reported on the subject many times, and they have been put to the test by conservatives who do not want them to bring negative information to light. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

These men have been arrested without cause, and they are now running a foundation that helps the migrants who are most oppressed. This article offers an explanation of where the Frontera Fund came from.

#1: Jim And Michael

Jim and Michael were arrested by Joe Arpaio for documents they had that uncovered negative and poor treatment of the migrant community. The Sheriff’s department was not acting in good faith, and these two men had information that called into question how deputies were performing their duties. There are many people who were not treated right, and Jim and Michael were the ones who suffered because of it. They were released, and they sued for false arrest.

#2: Winning Their Lawsuit

The lawsuit that they filed against Joe Arpaio and the Sheriff’s department was one that lost in court. They were ordered to pay over $3 million to these men, and the department likely thought this would be the end of the story.

Michael and Jim had seen so much corruption and oppression that they decided to do something with their money that was radical and different. They are using the money to make a change in the lives of people around the area, and they believed that they could do the best job by simply starting a nonprofit charity.

#3: The Frontera Fund Is Born

The Frontera Fund was born because these two men knew that they needed an umbrella under which to offer their funds. They started the Frontera Fund as quickly as possible, and they began reaching out to people in the migrant and immigrant communities of the southwest. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

Certain people are coming over the border every day who need help, and there are migrant workers legally working in America who are oppressed by the authorities. These are the people that Michael and Jim want to help, and they knew that their money could pay for a wide variety of services.

#4: Legal, Financial And Advocacy Services

Legal and advocacy services are the most-important part of the Frontera Fund, and they are given to anyone who contacts the charity for help. They seek out people who may need assistance, and advocates who work for the charity are sent to these locations to help. There is an endless stream of services and support offered to the migrant workers and immigrants of the area.

There are quite a few people who will find that they are in need of advocacy, and they may turn to the Frontera Fund. Someone who wants to raise money or help may offer their volunteer services, and the Frontera Fund will grow every day as it helps immigrants and migrants live well inside American borders.


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