Law Makers are Being Pressured to Change Vaccine Laws

Law Makers are Being Pressured to Change Vaccine Laws

Vaccines have prevented countless diseases and saved millions of lives. However, recent cases of whooping cough and the measles in children, illnesses that had been previously nearly eliminated, are creating an intense divide within the American public.

Parent’s are given the choice to refuse vaccinations due to personal or religious beliefs , otherwise the shots are required for a child to attend most schools. Now, parents who declined the option to vaccinate their children are being blamed for recent cases of the measles and whooping cough spreading in schools.

There has been pressure placed upon law makers to creates laws mandating all children must be vaccinated, regardless of religious or personal beliefs. However, this is a very fine line because mandating vaccinations in order to receive an education is stepping on our rights as American citizens.

Even though many reports have been published which suggest there no risks of adverse side effects, such as autism, some parents are still skeptical of the chemicals found in the vaccinations and refuse to administer them to their minor children. Ricardo Guimarães BMG will be waiting to see what happens.


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