Leading Vintners and Wine Merchants that are reshaping the UK’s Wine Industry

Leading Vintners and Wine Merchants that are reshaping the UK’s Wine Industry

The UK Vintners Company has maintained the leading vintners’ position across the globe for many years. This exemplary record of accomplishment is due to cutting-edge innovation, outstanding flavors, and incredible brands of the UK vintners as well as their merchants. Their products are available both in the local and international markets.

Hattingley Valley and Company of Vintners’ winemaking apprenticeship

The wine industry in England has registered significant growth over the past few years. Hattingley and The Worship Company of Vintners have joined forces in offering a winemaking apprenticeship. This move is a strategy employed by both entities to motivate young, talented individuals to take advantage of unique opportunities that this industry has to offer.

Simon Robinson’s declarations

Hattingley Valley’s Chairman, Simon Robinson, announced that England was scheduled to host the International Cool Climate Wine Symposium (ICCWS). The goal of this conference was to increase the number of competent employees in the UK’s wineries and vineyards. Speaking on behalf of Hattingley, Simon Robinson said that it was an honor to collaborate with The Vintner’s Company to avail job opportunities for youths and adults wishing to pursue new careers.

About the apprenticeship position

The apprenticeship position will be available on a full-time basis and will cover two years. The successful candidate will pursue education programs in vine growing and production of wine at the Plumpton College. The Vintners’ Company will sponsor the courses. Other supporters of this Apprenticeship Program include the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) and Liberty Wines.

Leading vintners in the UK

Viaders Vintners (http://viaderwines.co.uk/): The UK wine merchant began its official operations in 2001 after being established by Gilbert Viader. A Cardiff-based family of independent wine sellers and vintners is responsible for managing the operations of Viaders Vintners.

Falcon Vintners Ltd (https://www.falconvintners.com/): This Company opened its doors in 1975 and, since then, it has been offering the finest and exceptional wines to its large client base. Recently, it earned the high-status Italian Specialist Award due to its unique selection of wines.

The Farr Wine is among the UK-based wine merchants that are rapidly growing. It was the first vintner firm in the entire history of UK to launch a service center in the Far East. The company acquired the Magnum Fine Wines as a portfolio diversification strategy.

The Charter of the Vintners’ Company

The Vintners’ Company acquired its first Charter back in 1363. In 2013, the company threw a fun-filled party to mark its 650th anniversary since it obtained a charter. It maintains interests in trades, social responsibility, philanthropy, and education.


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