Learn From A Master: Nick Vertucci’s Real Estate Course

Learn From A Master: Nick Vertucci’s Real Estate Course

Most people will say their serious money is in real estate, and even though this can be an illiquid situation, there is comfort in its tangibility. Given a decade, which is approximately how long a real estate market cycle takes to complete, most are likely going to be better off for their investment. A lot of people don’t know however to get started investing in real estate, however; it can be daunting. Nick Vertucci, with his real estate investment academy (NVREA), helps investors learn how to invest and how to become good at it.

He crisscrosses the country disseminating information on how to flip houses, helping attendees of his seminars hone their skills, to find funding sources and how to improve their cash flow through real estate investing. One of the biggest issues with owning property, and having a full-time career or job, is how to balance your time. At his NVREA seminars, Mr. Vertucci offers information on how to handle the responsibilities that come with home ownership as well.

Getting creative is an important part of finding funding. Many people think that leveraging their retirement accounts, as a means to finance other investments, is somehow fiscal blaspheme. What is fiscal blaspheming, however, is not using your retirement accounts to secure capital for growing your wealth. Nearly every day in the United States, the retirement security of the entire country seems to be getting more questionable. The ensuing precariousness means making decisions while you are still able to take some risks, to invest and to grow funds. Nick Vertucci has ideas on how to help people learn to use their retirement accounts as a source of funding.

Attending an NVREA session with Nick Vertucci, whose mantra is “your past does not dictate your future,” will help anyone interested in real estate to take those first steps, or to get better at what they are already doing. Mr. Vertucci unabashedly tells his story of being broke and deeply in debt for over 18 months before a friend took him to a real estate investment seminar.

It changed his life and with a lot of hard work and diligence, he was able to turn his life around. As he set out on his new path, he made a commitment to himself that once his net worth crossed 1 million, he would create a seminar program and teach others how he did it. Attending a seminar with Nick Vertucci, where the speaker represents the exact level of success they say can be had by you, will launch new avenues of success for a lot of people.

Find out more about Nick Vertucci: http://norcal.news/news/23809-nick-vertucci-watches-southern-california-housing-market-continues-soar


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