Lee May: Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame Baseball Player

Lee May: Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame Baseball Player

July 2017 may not strike you as being a month of any real significance. However, if you are an individual who closely follows the history of our national pastime baseball, then it definitely should bear some significance to you. It was this month of last year that Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame baseball player Lee May passed away. Lee May will be remembered for his prominent position as part of the Cincinnati Reds during their series of victories during the 1970s that led to the nickname of the big red machine.

Lee May was first recruited out of Birmingham Alabama in 1961. He played a few quiet rookie seasons, and it was not until 1967 that he first gained any notoriety. In 1967 during one of his rookie seasons, he managed to hit 12 home runs with only 438 batting sessions. This was quickly noted, and he was recruited to be part of the Cincinnati Reds.

As part of the Cincinnati Reds, he quickly developed a reputation as being one of the most powerful baseball hitters in the entire professional baseball league. His ability to perform on the field as well as his impressive physical presence led to a reputation as one of the most powerful members of the entire sport. By the middle of his career, he was part of the trade that the Cincinnati Reds did in order to get Joe Morgan.


Due to the impressive performances that he managed to make during his time as part of the Cincinnati Reds professional baseball team he was inducted into their Hall of Fame. Lee May may not have been part of the team during their most prolific period of victories, but he will forever be remembered as one of the most important aspects of the teams burgeoning success during the 1970s.

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