Lego Announces Women of NASA Set for Production

Lego Announces Women of NASA Set for Production

About twice a year, Lego holds its Lego Ideas competitions, stiff contests in which fan suggestions are pared down to one or two that are eventually produced by the toy company. Maia Weinstock is an American science writer, and when her creation, the Women of NASA set was chosen this year, it was a dream come true for her. Following the Oscar-nominated film, “Hidden Figures,” which celebrated the accomplishments of female NASA scientists during the height of the space race, the new set aims to commemorate a variety of women whose work at NASA has been important.


Lise Dydensborg, spokesperson for the Lego Ideas program, said the Women of NASA set was chosen for its inspirational value. The set includes five female NASA “pioneers” who have historically been under-recognized – or not acknowledged at all. The following high-achievers comprise the set: Margaret Hamilton, NASA computer scientist; Katherine Johnson, mathematician and space scientist; Sally Ride, astronaut; Nancy Grace Roman, astronomer; and Mae Jemison, astronaut. It comes with a display frame with the five figures and their names decorated with several small vignettes that represent the achievements of the women.


Before she even submitted the Women of NASA concept, Maia Weinstock garnered over 10,000 public votes in favor of the project. The recent popularity of “Hidden Figures” likely contributes to the enthusiasm for the creative Lego idea. Women of NASA was chosen over 11 other entries, and is scheduled for production in late 2017 or early 2018. So far, the announcement has been met with further enthusiasm and excitement by Lego fans, who are happy to see wider representation in the favored child’s toy.



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