Lesson from a Cat: Believe in Miracles

Lesson from a Cat: Believe in Miracles

The tale of a cat named Thomas Jr. is an inspiration to anyone who has ever spent days frantically posting countless flyers advertising a lost pet. Fourteen years after his escape from a friend’s home, he was returned last week to his owner, Perry Martin, of Fort Pierce, FL.

After the orange tabby was found as a stray by an animal control officer and taken to a shelter, the staff at the shelter located an implanted microchip and returned him to his owner. While this is a story centered around the journey of a purring furball, the spiritual takeaway is that time doesn’t always stop seemingly unbelievable events from proving to us that they are nothing but believable.

T2, as the cat was nicknamed as a kitten, may have been anywhere from Tokyo to Toronto to Timbuktu. Nobody knows. Martin speculates that he may have been with a new owner or he may have even been surviving all these years in the wild. According to an article by Maureen Kenyon of TCPalm.com, during some of the years the cat was missing, Martin was living in Ohio. Had he never returned to the same state, T2’s story may have ended very differently. But that doesn’t matter now. What matters is that the right stars did align to reunite T2 and Martin. The miracle gives us all a fresh perspective on what is possible with time.

This story could be viewed as just a reminder to have a vet implant a microchip in your pet. It is true that T2 would have almost certainly never returned to his owner without it. Ultimately, though, this is a story that shows us all that even our dreams that seem to be lost as years fly by can still come true. Because T2 purred so.


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