Lets look at the career of Michel Terpins.

Lets look at the career of Michel Terpins.

Michel terpins is redefining rallying in Brazil this has become evident since he joined the sport after leaving the cross country championship. He is the son of Jack Terpins and brother to Rodrigo Terpins an equally talented rally driver. They are born in a family that holds sports in very high regard seeing as the father was one of the best basketball players of his generation in the 60’s and 70’s. His contribution to the game for country and club were so spectacular that they would, later on, get him a role in the overall sports affairs of the country. The President of Brazil choose him to lead the sports department in the nineties during this period he saw the rapid development of sporting activities and its from here on that Brazil became a sporting powerhouse.

The contribution of their father to sports and the support he accorded them helped the Michel Terpin sons to take sports very seriously. Michel would from a young age join cross country a sport that he excelled at. He worked his way up from the junior category to the senior level. He would gain enough skill to enable him to become a contender for the sport highest honors.

He emerged champion in his final years of the cross country until he left to venture into rallying.

Michel had always had a liking for the T1 prototype category. He had always fancied the idea of racing together with his brother. This conviction, as well as encouragement from family and friends, would see him full transition to rallying. Together they formed the Bull Sertões Rally Team, this was a team that they hoped would steer them to the highest levels of competitive racing. The dream was not far-fetched as they began competing as members of the Bull Sertões Rally Team soon after its founding.

The team would grow under the leadership of Michel and Rodrigo and in time they were able to branch out bringing in navigators to compliment there driving skills.This has been their model and as they enter more editions of the Sertões Rally they hope they can continue winning.


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