Life Line Screening, Healthy Living

Life Line Screening, Healthy Living

In today’s society it is very easy to get distracted with life. With hectic work schedules, family, pets, and entertainment its no wonder health often is the sacrifice for every thing else. With over six hundred thousand deaths in America related to cardiovascular disease, taking your health seriously is a must. Especially, when knowing that almost twenty percent of thous deaths were preventable with simple lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise. To get the upper hand on maintaining a healthy lifestyle is getting preventative screening. Not only with these preventative screenings help catch something early, but can be a motivating factor in changing ones lifestyle. Life Line Screening can help with these screenings.

Cardiovascular disease is a dangerous disease. It is called a silent killer for a reason. It is dangerous because it does small amounts of damage go your heart and over time the cumulative damage will kill you. It almost always results in a heart attach and it is almost always fatal. There is no second chance at that point. The power of preventative screenings is that patients with serious issue make drastic changes to the lifestyle as well as those with out issue. Life Line Screening can be a motivating factor in better health.

A recent study by Life Line Screening on around three thousand of its own customers was done. Primarily, this study was done to determine how motivated people are after there screenings to change there lifestyles for the better. The results of the study showed most of those who under went the screening made significant changes to improve their lifestyle and made plans for further improvements down the road. What made the study interesting is that it disregarded the test results. Whether they were good or bad it didn’t matter. They all made great progress to improve their diet and exercise.

It is obvious that these screenings are needed for such a stealthy disease. Everyone knows that diet and exercise can help prevent this, but often lack motivation. That is were Life Line Screening comes in to play. Not only can the screening let you know your condition, but can be a major motivating factor in keeping a healthier lifestyle. It can also create an important dialog between doctor and patient when it comes to your health. Founded in Texas in nineteen ninety three, Life Line Screening offers more than just cardiovascular screenings. They also have Finger Stick Blood Tests, Ultrasound Screenings, and Electrocardiograph. With such a large number of screenings and technology available, they are definitely worth checking out.

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