Lime Crime Cosmetics

Lime Crime Cosmetics

An Introduction First

Lime Crime is Doe Deere’s highly popular cosmetics line for her faithful Unicorns – followers of fashion and high taste the world over. The main site lives at and in many young womens’ hearts. Lime Crime also owns an email list and social media pages on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter Snap Chat, Tumbler and Pinterest. Lime Crime offers unique products for the lips, hair, eyes, face and nails. The Pop-Up Nails cosmetic products include Black Magic, Baby Baby, Oyster, Camel, Storm and Lizard; A common fact among these selections is that they all cost exactly $14.


Choices, Choices, Choices, Oh My! How About Becoming a Loyal Member and Start Saving?

The brand’s eye cosmetics offer unique pellets in selections of Venus, Venus Two and Venus Bundle. Its lip cosmetics include Diamond Pressure, Mattei Velveteen’s, Metallic Velveteen’s, Velveteen’s and Unicorn Lipstick, each with five colors or more to choose from. You may order online as well, and members will always save more upon final checkout. Keep this in mind, and sign up today through the email newsletter link at the bottom of the main page, which is entitled BFF’S Newsletter. By the way, BFF’S stands for Best Friends Forever, which is what you’ll be when you sign up; you’ll become a member of the family and a true Unicorn.


More to Choose from – The Fun Never Ends

The company’s Unicorn Hair cosmetic lineup includes Gargoyle, Sext, Blue Smoke, Bunny, Chocolate Cherry, Pony, Dirty Mermaid, Strawberry Jam, Neon Peach, Anime, Jello, Lulu and Salad. In addition, the face makeup kits include opalescent highlighters for Unicorns that come in Blossoms or Opals. Blossoms are of a warm gold, lavender or sunset color in combination.


The Opals come in pink, gold and peach. Glow on, you Unicorn. Plus, these unique pellets come in three universally-flattering shades as well as iridescent packaging to only add to the magic and adapting skin tone properties.


Take Advantage

The site is offering a flash sale. It won’t last for long. All Unicorn Lipsticks are $10. Buy now