Lime Crime For The Unconventional Beauty

Lime Crime For The Unconventional Beauty

We live in a world where stick figures are in, where girls are told blond is beautiful, and be a nice cookie cutter girl. You look at the most popular stars like Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, and Julianne Hough. For every free spirit like Demi Lovato, there are 10 of those girls who think red lipstick is wild. What if you love to dye your hair blue or pink? Where do you go if you see your world in full color not just the pink and red lipstick world we live in? If you find yourself gravitating towards spikes and black leather or emulating Betty Paige, then you must check out Lime Crime.

Lime Crime is a makeup company that caters to the unconventional beauty. Girls that want to wear purple lipstick to match their purple hair or blue gloss to match their nails finally have a place to be themselves. Lime Crime’s makeup is totally vegan! Yes, that means there is actually an environmentally conscious, animal free, responsible makeup company out there that actually cares!

Lime Crime has many different lines of makeup to try. If you want your pout to pop, they have 3 unique lipstick options to choose from.

The Velvetines, which is a liquid that goes from wet to matte on contact. It’s inspired by rose petals and is just as soft when dry. It’s transfer and touch proof! Velvetines come in every color of the rainbow from blue to green to black and yes even pink and red!

There is also Perlees. It’s the classic tube lipstick with a twist! It has a pearlescent, metallic shine that lasts all day! It comes in 6 different shades.

Finally, Unicorn lipstick. It was the first offering from Lime Crime. Unicorn is an ultra pigmented, semi-gloss lipstick that comes in 7 colors.

Lime Crime is where the unconventional beauty goes to enhance her looks with makeup. You don’t have to be stuck in the box of normal hair color, pink or red lipstick, or mainstream looks. Feel free to be the individual you were meant to be with Lime Crime, and take a look at what fans are doing on Tumblr.