Lime Crime New Line of Makeup

Lime Crime New Line of Makeup

The maker of Lime Crime Makeups, Doe Deere realized that makeups enhance the looks of the face, the eyes and the lips. And as a woman herself, she knew that most women would love to use makeup for that purpose alone! She decided to create Lime Crime, the latest and most fabulous line of makeup for every man and woman!

Lime Crime

Lime Crime Makeups come in products that are designed to enhance or improve a person’s look and appearance of the skin, the eyes, and the lips.

Their products are certified not to contain any animal-derived ingredients. Their suppliers certify that they do not use animals in any of their testings, as part of the Leaping Bunny pledge. Lime Crime products are PETA verified vegan and Leaping Bunny certified cruelty free.

Types of Lime Crime makeup:

1. Lipstick

Mostly women wear Lime Crime Lipstick but sometimes men do too, especially those who work in the theaters. They come in very lively colors and are applied to the lips to add texture and color.

Lime Crime comes in categories such as Unicorn, with the feel of the petal of a rose! Velvetines come in liquid in a bottle, but in matte. They are bold, densely packed with waxes, and pigment that stays on longer but doesn’t stain. Their colors are certainly addictive.

Carousel Lip Gloss – They are loaded with pigments like a lipstick, but they are glossy on the lips with lots of sparkles.

2. Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow is applied to the eyelids to draw attention to the eyes and make them more appealing. It creates the impression of being deeply set and adds dimension to the eyes.

Lime Crime eyeshadows come in the following eight unconventional rusty reds and nude shades: Venus – velvet matte, Shell – Shell pink glow, Aura – Ivory glow, Creation – rust brown matte, Icon – dark brown matte, Rebirth – matte, Divine – Stone matte and the Muse – Burgundy red matte. They are full-sized and pigmented eye shadows that blends well with a lot of colors.

3. Nail Polish

Lime Crime Nail polish, also called nail enamel, is applied to the fingernails or toenails to make them look attractive and very feminine. It is used to emphasize the nails and give them a coordinated look to the outfit.

Their colors are inspired by various candies or sweets. Lime Crime certifies that their nail polish is formulated with various chemicals that do not pose any danger to our bodies or to the environment.

Lime Crime Makeups have been very popular, especially to the younger generation who want to stand up and express themselves to the world. Expect Lime Crime makeup colors to be out of the ordinary and outlandish!

We look forward to Lime Crime adding more makeup types like foundation, eyeliner, mascara, eyebrow pencil, blush on and many others in their line!


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