Lime Crime’s Fabulous New Dark Colors

Lime Crime’s Fabulous New Dark Colors

To brunettes who have ever wanted to sport any color of the rainbow in your hair, Lime Crime has got you covered. They know that sometimes it takes a little more for darker haired women to get the same amazing results from a hair dye as light-haired women, so they’ve come out with four completely new shades of dye that will work on dark hair. Added to their Unicorn Hair Collection are

  • Sea Witch. This is a tantalizing blue-green and reminds one of the deep, blue sea. Appropriately named, this shade is the exact color of a glistening mermaid’s tail.
  • Chestnut’s maroon color gives women hypnotic locks.
  • Charcoal is a stormy deep grey. It has the look of dark rain clouds that are full and about to rain damage on everything in their paths.
  • Lastly, Squid is a dark violet. One look at its color, and it’s no surprise how it got its name – it’s so dark that it resembles the ink from a squid. With the huge impression that this shade is making, that squid is probably the Kraken.

These are fall shades. Autumn is a fitting season for them to make their appearance because the end of the year is known for its darker colors, long dark nights, and dark holidays. Any of these dyes would fit the fall holidays perfectly due to the fact that they work well with darker outfits and darker costumes. Women can choose to be queens with maroon, violet, or sea green hair, or they can be a grueling witch with fearful grey locks. When it comes to Lime Crime, women can look however and be whatever they want.

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