Little Free Pantry Provides Food to A Community

Little Free Pantry Provides Food to A Community

Many food pantries are overstocked, overworked, and rely entirely on volunteers to supply the process. Most people feel as though they don’t get enough goods to survive based on pantries alone. One little town trying something new with the food pantry: they’re making it so residents can stock the food pantry! Inspired by the idea of give a book, take a book, this pantry is making it possible for residents in their community to eat thanks to the help of others.

A woman came up with the idea to make the free food pantry. She placed a few items out in a chest, saying that residents could help themselves. She was shocked when people started to contribute items, and built it into a little pantry so she could help others.

Residents come almost daily to help drop off the food, and there are no limits to what someone can take. So far, she hasn’t noticed people taking beyond what they need. So far, the pantry has been a huge success, and she has been encouraging others to take up and set up the path with creating their own food pantries.

One nice thing about the pantry is that no logs are kept of the visitors, meaning that taking the food and dropping it off is completely anonymous. Many people feel the stigma of being unable to provide for their families and this is a fantastic way for people to provide for their own needs while still being able to maintain respect and dignity.

Food pantries can meet great needs and help many people avoid hunger. It’s sad that in this day and age, many children go hungry every night and many current pantries are already stretched thin. With a pantry that provides for itself, a community can be blessed both by donating unwanted food items and taking what they do need.

If you’re interested in starting your own pantry, you can find out more information about the proecsss here.


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