Little Free Pantrys Help Out The Neighborhood

Little Free Pantrys Help Out The Neighborhood

Chances are that you’ve heard of or seen a little free library. It’s a place where people can go when they need a new book to read. The only requirement is that they have to leave a book as well. It now seems that someone has taken this idea, and turned it into a “Free Little Pantry.”

According to Reddit, The Little Free Pantry is a place where people can go when they need necessities such as food, supplies, feminine products, and more. It’s a place to help out those who truly need it. A young lady by the name of Jessica McLard built the first one and she’s had a lot of positive feedback. Neighbors and people around her city have been stopping by to drop off donations.

Her little free pantry is great for anyone who finds themselves needing a product with no access to a store or no money to purchase something. If they’re needing a cup of sugar for baking, chances are they can find that there. This idea has become super popular and it’s easy to see why. It’s a simple and generous idea. The creator has set up a website so that people can build their own in their neighborhoods. It’s easy to make and not many materials are necessary. It just requires some wood, paint, hardware, and glass or plastic to make the door. Then you can let your imagination run wild. Make a sign so people know that it’s a little free pantry and that people can take what they want and leave what they want.

At the end of the day, this is a great idea because it helps everyone in the neighborhood.


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