Looking At The CVS/Amazon Battle From The Eyes Of Drew Madden

Looking At The CVS/Amazon Battle From The Eyes Of Drew Madden

A lot of media coverage has already gone into the battle between CVS and Amazon to be crowned the king of pharmaceuticals. More specifically, Amazon has been trying to sneak into a market that was once dominated by players like CVS and Walgreens. Of course, it is pretty difficult for Amazon to sneak into anything these days. Any moves that they make are closely watched by investors and the general public at-large.


Amazon has applied for licenses to sell pharmaceutical products in a number of different U.S. States. They have not yet received their licenses, but one must assume that this is not too far down the road for them. This is obviously huge news when it comes to how people will purchase their pharmaceutical products, but it is also something that those who are heavily involved in the industry are keeping a close eye on. They need to know if this is something that will greatly impact their business or not. Find Additional Information Here.


Drew Madden is one person who has spent a lot of time working in healthcare information technology. In particular,  Drew has focused on how new technologies can be applied to the existing infrastructure to create a better patient experience. He also looks for any kind of innovation that may bring about greater patient health. It is not easy work, but there has to be someone there to do it. Drew Madden has placed himself squarely in that role as of late.


CVS purchasing Aetna was another surprise from last year. The company was clearly responding to what Amazon had done to enter their market, but beyond that it is not clear how this will impact the customer experience. Obviously, having more services under the same CVS umbrella makes things easier in the sense that people do not have to shop around at as many places as they might have had to in the past, but will CVS be able to handle the responsibilities that Aetna used to take on easily? That question is still yet to be answered. We will all hold our breath to find out the answer.


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