Lost Cat Finds His Way Home 15 Years Later

Lost Cat Finds His Way Home 15 Years Later

The bond between owners and their pets is strong. Unless you’re a pet owner yourself, you might not understand how an animal becomes part of the family. Most pets are with owners for years. Sometimes, a cat or a dog is the only family a person may have. Our pets are loyal, loving, and always there when you come home. Therefore, it’s easy to see why pets are an integral part of a family. Anyone who lost their pet would be devastated.

The Barnes family was devastated when they lost their cat 15 years ago. Winston, an all black fluffball, somehow got out of the house. The family searched for him for years but after a while, they give up hope. As the years went on, their hope of ever finding their beloved friend diminished. According to Reddit, the family was going to get their happy ending, after all.

The Barnes family recently received a call from a vet located 35 miles away from their hope. Somone had brought in Winston, 15 years after he first disappeared. The family just couldn’t believe it. Where had their cat been all these years? What kind of adventures did he have? They were mostly relieved. Although they missed a good chunk of Winston’s life, they still have some time left with him. This inspirational story of a lost cat finding his way back home also shows the importance of microchips. Winton was microchipped and that’s a huge reason why the vet was able to find his owners after all those years. Otherwise, Winston might never have been claimed and hi family would have still been left wondering what happened to him.

Winston is healthy and doing well considering he was transient for the past 15 years. It’s also crazy to think that he never really wandered that far from home.


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