Louis Chenevert – The Man Who Revived UTC

Louis Chenevert – The Man Who Revived UTC

At a time, America’s manufacturing industry generated a quarter percentage of the country’s GDP. Unfortunately, that number decreased by half during the post-war era. A lot of manufacturing industries had to close down during that period. This is including big names like Baldwin steel, Zenith, Philco, and R.C.A. Only a few industries survived this post-war era amid so many challenges, and such company included the United Technologies Corporation’s, UTC.

Not only did UTC survive, but the company also became the top manufacturing industry in America which specializes in building and aerospace engineering. No one can talk about UTC today without mentioning the man who defied all the odds and turned this company into the mega giant that it is today. His name is Louis Chenevert.

Louis Chênevert is a French Canadian who was raised in Quebec. He earned his bachelor’s degree, with production management as his major, from HEC Montréal. This is a Business School that was affiliated with the University of Montreal. His early career life was spent as St Therese production manager. This was in General Motors before he joined Prat and Whitney business unit in a United Technologies company. He worked his way up through some ranks and position before being elected as president and C.E.O.

He achieved great things during his stay at U.T.C and laid down so many foundations on which the company operates today. He ensured promoting the advancement of technology and growth the following ways:

– He ensured the acquisition of Goodrich for 18.4 billion dollars which were his primary focus.

– He invested not only in the advanced technology but also in human resources. For example, during his stint with the company, he ensured that he developed an employee scholars program which took care of the financial obligations of employees who were interested in furthering their education.

– While he was C.E.O at U.T.C, he had a reputation for picking projects with good potentials and empowering people with the right tools and incentives to make those projects a success.

As a result of his exceptional leadership abilities, UTC became the largest manufacturer of Helicopters in the US. Many of the most advanced Jet engines in the world today are assembled by UTC. This is not to mention other notable achievements he had like making sure the company met set objectives during the subprime recession that hit the United States in 2006.

Chenevert resigned from his position in 2014 but not without leaving a legacy for his successor to thrive on.


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