Loveable Potbelly Pigs Visits Alzheimer’s Unit

Loveable Potbelly Pigs Visits Alzheimer’s Unit

Animals love unconditionally. That is why they make great therapy pets. However, when most people think about the breeds of animals that visit nursing homes and hospitals they normally think about dogs. You would be surprised how many other types offer therapy as well.

Meet Boris and Pumba, two 1 year old pot belly pigs. They are becoming quickly popular around the Denver, Colorado area. Every weekend they go and visit the Alzheimer’s residents in the Highline Place in Littleton. The pigs enjoy the spotlight given to them by each resident, but their owner says that it’s the pigs who make the resident feel loved.

The residents are always a little shocked when they see these two being pulled down the hall in a little green wagon. Though as soon as one person shows interest they all soon fall suit and the building erupts in giggles, smiles, oinks, and curly tails wagging.

With people who have Alzheimer’s they don’t remember the pigs from the previous time. Therefore, each visit is like a new adventure. Sam Tabar has heard that one of their favorite parts is getting to feed the potbelly pigs carrots.

Boris and Pumba are not certified therapy pets, but their owner is thinking about getting them certified so that they are able to bring this same joy to schools and other facilities as well.


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