Magic Mike XXL Lives Up The Hype

Magic Mike XXL Lives Up The Hype

Wanna double the pleasure and double the fun? A dose of Magic Mike XXL will get the job done! In this sequel to the original highly acclaimed Magic Mike film, we find Mike Lane, played by Channing Tatum three years older and still in early retirement from the sexy world of male striptease dancer. The excitement is gone as is the thrill of headlining the center stage. Lane’s unsuccessful in blocking out the rush which accompanies the (night) life of a male exotic performer and is also feeling a sense of loss relative to his best friends; his former dance counterparts and compadres; otherwise known as the Kings of Tampa.

What better way to reinvigorate yourself than to get persuaded by your old stripper “bromance” buddies to get back in the game? Adam Rodriguez, Kevin Nash, Gabriel Iglesias, Matt Bomer and Joe Manganiello return to the scene wrecking havoc donning their adonis-like asses and impeccably perfect pecs. These Kings of Tampa are on a quest to South Carolina to have some XXL fun flexing their XXL muscles at a stripping convention.

Crystal Hunt, perhaps best known for her long standing roles as a daytime soap star and an Emmy nominee for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series, hits the big screen with a featured role in this guilty pleasure box office sensation! Hunt, no stranger to eye-catching, sexy characters now steps into the role of Lauren and one must wonder if her experience as a dramatic daytime vixen helped her prepare for this film.

Magic Mike XXL lives up to the hype not just with its aesthetically pleasing cast and free spirited plot line but you better believe the hype as it delivers groove grinding rhythm with an intoxicating sound track. The music is just as magical as Magic Mike himself and that’s no hype! Magic Mike XXL is a must watch for anyone who looking for XXL sized entertainment fun!


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