Maintaining Partnerships Within The Community

Maintaining Partnerships Within The Community

The future of Citadel depends on experienced entrepreneur, Kenneth
Griffin, to manage the firm’s strategic investment operations. Known
for creating significant partnerships with his clients and in the
community, this influential figure hopes to inspire his team of highly
qualified advisors with his efficient business practices. Essentially,
under his profound guidance, the company has assisted many clients in
surpassing their investment long-term goals. In fact, the
corporation’s extensive collection of financial strategies has
encouraged investors to develop a well balanced portfolio with
integrated risk management components. Remarkably, Griffin’s
noteworthy managerial experiences have greatly contributed to his
prestige as one of the world’s most powerful entrepreneurs.

In 1986, Ken Griffin embarked on his investment endeavors by launching a
hedge fund during his sophomore year at Harvard. Over the course of
this professional pursuit, he had the opportunity to excel in
convertible bond arbitrage through the utilization of a communications
satellite that he installed in his college dorm room. This internet
connection provided access to instant market data which ultimately
helped him propel his company by preserving capital during the 1987
stock market crash. Notably, his early success from this business
venture encouraged him to develop Citadel in 1990 with $4.6 million.

Griffin’s previous investment experience at Harvard provided him with
the necessary strategies to propel Citadel to unprecedented levels of
success. Throughout his entrepreneurship, this prominent figure sought
to present effective financial approaches which assisted
business-oriented clients to achieve their long-term goals.
Essentially, his primary mission was to integrate robust and
thoroughly researched investment approaches to encourage balanced
risk-adjusted portfolios across all financial strategies. Some of
Citadel’s extraordinary offerings are related to credit, equities,
commodities, fixed income and macro, currencies, and sovereign bonds.
Along with an extensive selection of investment services, the firm is
also skilled in advising a diverse group of clients who maintain
businesses in the world’s major financial markets. Moreover, Griffin
truly understands the practicality of their personalized strategic
approaches as the well-proven techniques will assist companies in
achieving their goals. Remarkably, his comprehensive portfolio of
offerings enabled him to create meaningful partnerships with clients
from all across the globe as the firm holds over 600 offices in 10
countries worldwide.

Alongside their professional endeavors, Griffin and his
team of highly talented employees are also heavily involved with the
community. Notably, in 2014, more than 130 Citadel staff members
joined forces to volunteer at food banks across the United States. As
a unit, they helped stock the pantries of many organizations in
Boston, Chicago, Dallas, New York City, and San Francisco. Amazingly,
they sorted approximately 29,000 pounds of produce and over 11,000
non-perishable items.

In addition, Citadel maintains relations with many educational, civic,
and cultural organizations by participating in their
community programs. Moreover, Griffin and his team strive to enrich
the lives of less privileged citizens with their involvement in fund
raising events like hiking Mount Kilimanjaro, climbing Chicago’s
Presidential Towers, and volunteering at the Greater Chicago Food


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