Major Flag Manufacturers Stop Producing Confederate Flags

Major Flag Manufacturers Stop Producing Confederate Flags

In The Wake Of The South Carolina Tragedy Flag Makers Decide to Stop Production On All Confederate Flags

When tragedy strikes, the world responds. Every act that creates hurt and pain produces some unexpected good, but that doesn’t ease the pain inflicted by the original hate-inspired act. The recent tragedy in South Carolina is a good example. The irrational act that cost so many people so much will change the way the world thinks about several things. The first thing that is changing is the Confederate flag. Once a symbol of Southern pride and suffering, the Confederate flag is now a symbol of hatred and racism.

State lawmakers are trying to remove the confederate flag from state buildings, and retailers are pulling confederate flags off the shelves. Ricardo Tosto thinks this is the right move. Big retailers are refusing to sell Confederate flag merchandise, and major flag manufacturers are not producing the South’s symbol of a hard fought and costly battle.

The days of separation are gradually coming to a close for the descendants of the Civil War era. The states are no longer defined by families that have roots that traced back 150 years. People move North or they move South, and they don’t think about Yankees, Rebels and slaves anymore. They think about how they can live together peacefully even though there is still racism and bigotry in the minds of a few distorted individuals.


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