Malini Saba Is Fighting For The Less Fortunate

Malini Saba Is Fighting For The Less Fortunate

Malini Saba is the founder of Saban, a company that has investment interests all over the world. Some of the company’s interest include technology, oil, gas, and real estate in China, Australia, and India.

Upon doing some research, I have learned that Malini Saba is one of the foremost philanthropists and top investors of South Asian origin. I also discovered that she had made major contributions to the plight of women and children all over the world that have disadvantages in life. In 2001 she created Stree: Global Investments In Women, which is a nonprofit that changes the lives of low-income and at-risk women and children around the world. Stree provides access to health care and legal services for those that would otherwise not have that access. It also provides a grassroots forum to connect public policy in Eastern Europe, Central America, and Africa. Malini Saba is dedicated to improving conditions for those in other countries that might not otherwise have a voice. She has taken the lead in a fight for equality and opportunity.

In these ways, she is creating dialogue and understanding between governments and their people. She actively seeks to find issues that need to be addressed and focuses her attention on the matter. Stree donated 1 million dollars in June 2005 to help fund the world’s first heart Research Center for South Asian at El Camino Hospital. This development promises to help those in need of cardiac treatment that was not available in the area before the research center’s creation. She also pledged ten million dollars in 2004 when she visited the tsunami-damaged areas of India and Sri Lanka. Her career began and Silicon Valley where she started as a venture capitalist in the 1990s. She has extensive experience investing and is involved in over 20 different technology companies including Sycamore Networks, PayPal, NetScreen Technologies Inc, and eBay. Malini Saba is a vastly knowledgeable businesswoman with a knack for investment strategy and a desire to help others. I think that there should be more women in the world like Malini Saba that take action to better the world and the people that live in it.


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