Man Adopts Pregnant Dog and Helps Deliver Puppies

Man Adopts Pregnant Dog and Helps Deliver Puppies

A kindhearted man in Charlotte, North Carolina just got the deal of a lifetime – seven dogs for the price of one.

The man, going by the name of Nicholas R., only expected to foster a single dog from the animal shelter Jesse’s Place Rescue Inc. in Lake Wylie, South Carolina. Having recently lost a dog he’d been fostering to cancer, a friend thought taking in another stray would be the perfect way to help him feel better. Agreeing, the two got in contact with the shelter to find a pet.

When he first took home the dog, a mutt named Emma who was scheduled to be killed should no one take her in, Nicholas had no idea she was pregnant as no one at the shelter bothered to tell him prior to fostering. That change rather quickly, as her puppies were due within days of her coming to live with him. Having experience with pregnant farm animals in the past, however, Nicholas decided not to return Emma to the shelter and keep her there to give birth at his house.

With the help of his friend Sheena, Nicholas got everything he needed for the delivery. Things turned out perfectly, with a successful birth of all six puppies. All the dogs are doing well, with Nicholas hoping to officially adopt Emma in the near future, saying that he loves her unconditionally. Whether he will do the same for the puppies or rehome them is not yet decided, though they will be staying with their mother for the time being.


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