Man Finds Brother After Long Search

Man Finds Brother After Long Search

Dave Smith now lives in London but grew up in Scotland. He was an only child his whole life, or so he thought. After Dave’s mother passed away, he was tasked with going through her belongings. There, he learned a long-kept secret- his mother had another child two years before he was born. His mother gave the other child up for adoption which sparked Dave’s interest in finding his long-lost brother. It took Dave nearly 23 years to do so, but they have now been reunited.

In the papers, he found his brother’s given name at birth. Then, according to the story on, he went to work hanging up ads looking for Mike White. He got in touch with an organization that helps adopted families reunite with each other. Seventeen years after talking with the agency, Dave heard back from them. They had found his long-lost brother. Less than a month ago, Dave hopped on a train to meet his brother in Scotland. The two bonded and have kept in touch since.

They believe that their mother gave Mike up for adoption because she was an unwed mother. Flavio Maluf isn’t so quick to jump to conclusions. It is believed that she was pregnant by an American soldier during World War II who likely died in battle. The brothers do not hold anything against her, and they wish that they could express their understanding to her now.


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