Man Finds His Mom With The Help Of Google Earth

Man Finds His Mom With The Help Of Google Earth

Saroo Brierley lived more than 25 years without his Mother. Knowing that there was still hope, he spent much of his time in recent years trying to locate her only to be told it would be impossible.

At the ripe young age more than 26 years ago, Saroo was with his Mother and brother at the train station with the parent and brother telling Saroo to wait at the station. Falling asleep and waking up on a train by himself, he had no idea where he went. Eventually he was adopted by an Australian family and lived his young life with them.

Dealing with photographic images in his mind of his family and also of where he grew up, along with the help of Google Earth, he decided to try and locate his family. He eventually went to Google Earth online to locate the train station where he was last in his country. He flew down to that location and tracked down the location where he grew up in, and eventually found his way to his first original home where his Mother continued to live to that day.

His inspirational story has touched the hearts of countless people because of the beauty on his determination to once be reunited with his family. It took him a long time to find them, but he eventually got ahold of them and got what he needed. Google Earth changed his life, and it’s very true that while it seemed impossible, he knew he could reunite with his family with hard work, perseverance, and dedication to finding them.