Man Legally Considered Dead Revived by Passing Stranger After Half an Hour

Man Legally Considered Dead Revived by Passing Stranger After Half an Hour

One Massachusetts man was given a second chance at life (literally) all because of the attentiveness of a complete stranger.

Several months ago, 64-year-old architect George Dakin, Jr. suffered a massive heart attack while walking down the street. Falling to the ground, his heart stopped and remained that way for 28 minutes, during which time he could be considered clinically dead.

By a miracle of fortune, however, a complete stranger came to his aid just in time. Austin Davis is a homeless man living at the faith-based shelter CHAMP Homes Inc. A few days prior, Davis had attended a CPR class sponsored by the shelter, giving him the skills needed to help Dakin after he conveniently collapsed just outside the shelter.

For at least 10 minutes, Davis performed chest compressions on Dakin as he awaited paramedics. After being loaded into an ambulance, 18 more minutes of compressions and defibrillator shocks were administered before Dakin’s condition stabilized. When asked about why he went to help, Davis said he heard someone scream as he was drinking coffee from the shelter, seemingly doing everything he did out of the goodness of heart.

According to reports, Dakin suffered a 100% LAD artery block, a condition so fatal it’s dubbed “the widowmaker” by professionals. Dakin even mentions in an interview with Patch that he was told that, even while in a hospital, those who experience the kind of blockage he did are not likely to survive.

Though Davis never asked for a reward of any kind, Dakin and his family felt the need to give him one. Setting up a GoFundMe campaign to help Davis pay for a car, apartment, and other necessities he would need to get back on his feet, over $15,000 have been raised so far. Additionally, once the news broke, Davis’ manager at the hotel he works at decided to promote him to a full-time position.


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