Man on First Date Saves Injured Motorist

Man on First Date Saves Injured Motorist

Tristan Gareau, a 21-year-old man from Winnipeg, was on a first date last Tuesday when he and his date witnessed the aftermath of a car crash.

Tristan approached the car to find the 65-year-old driver rendered unconscious. He pulled the driver out of the car just as it began to catch fire. Police have said that without Tristan’s action and quick-thinking the driver of the vehicle may not be alive today. Police on the scene told Tristan how proud they were of his actions. Tristan said that he is glad he was there to help and that no one else was injured. He also said that he would hope that if he were ever in the same situation someone would take action like he did. Zeca Olieveira has read that the driver is in the hospital for treatment but is expected to recover just fine. The damages incurred from the crash are being estimated at around $95,000.

And, according to the story on CBC News, Tristan’s date has agreed to a second date with him. Let’s hope this one is a little less exciting!


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