Man Saves Burning Church

Man Saves Burning Church

A 20-year-old man from Roseville, California is being hailed a hero in his local community. Last week local resident CJ Sparks had noticed some black smoke and what appeared to be the start of a fire. He discovered that the fire was at the Advent Lutheran Church in Citrus Heights. A portion of the exterior as well as several nearby pallets were going up in flames. The fire department had not arrived yet and CJ knew he had to do something to stop the fire from spreading.


CJ jumped into action and went inside the building to gather several fire extinguishers. Another woman came to help CJ battle the flames with a garden hose. Between the two, they had mostly extinguished the fire before the fire department had a chance to arrive. It took about fifteen minutes for CJ and the woman to handle the fire, but he said it was a very exhilarating, and crazy, experience for him.


The Advent Lutheran Church was very grateful for CJ’s act of bravery. The interim pastor, Cindy Beck, said that the area where the fire started was part of their food pantry. Thanks to CJ the fire did not spread inside and damage the food that they had stored. Pastor Beck said that the church serves hundreds, and up to thousands, on a monthly basis. Thanks to CJ, those people will still be able to be served meals.


For the full story on the incident, click the link to check it out on CBS Local Sacramento.



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