Man Skips Job Opportunity to Save a Life

Man Skips Job Opportunity to Save a Life

Imagine it’s an average day and you’re off to an interview via public bus transportation. Suddenly, the bus slams on the brakes and you see a car hit a tree in front of you. The bus plans to leave soon to keep the schedule, and your interview approaches quickly. What do you do?

Luckily that is not the situation you are in right now, but it was for an ex-convict named Aaron Tucker. It had only been a week after he was released from prison, and this interview was a huge step in re-engaging with society. However, after discovering the bus was going to move, Tucker leaped out and ran to help the driver of the vehicle.

Tucker saw that the man stuck in the car was badly bleeding from his head and that the car was starting to light on fire. The ex-con quickly reacted by pulling the man out of the vehicle and exclaiming things such as “You’re family wants to see you, keep your eyes open”. As he did this, three others came to help the situation, one carrying a fire extinguisher. Tucker ripped his shirt off to use as a bandage, stopping the bleeding from the man’s head. He stayed until the EMTs were able to arrive with an ambulance.

Life treats you the way you treat life, and this certainly became true for Aaron Tucker after this heroic event. The community quickly set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for ex-con to turn his life around. On top of the donations, Tucker has received many job offers since the story became public. He passionately replied to the support by saying any money he made would go to supporting his family, including a new born son. With life being so unpredictable, Aaron Tucker wishes to make the best of it.


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