Marc Sparks- Venture Capitalist With A Heart

Marc Sparks- Venture Capitalist With A Heart

Marc Sparks knows exactly what a venture capitalist wants and needs to hear. Instead of harboring this information, he’s giving it out freely to anyone who wants to make it in business. Start ups find themselves benefiting from Sparks’ knowledge and his quest is set on making the economy look richer for the better.

Sparks began his journey as a C+ student. Given his issues with school, it’s not surprising to say that quite a few people from his past doubted his abilities. However, Sparks has since taught us that it’s never too late to make it in life. Forging ahead into success is never easy but there is always help. He wrote the book They Can’t Eat You which is meant as a guideline to inspire others who find themselves in the same shoes. The book spells out his life story, his humble beginnings and his riveting self-made success.

As an owner of a wide variety of businesses it’s plain to see that Sparks has a lot to bring to the table. He is the head of Timber Creek Capital, an equity firm that provides services to new and upcoming companies. They offer capital, office space, vital services, equipment and much more. Sparks had also kept himself busy with telecommunications companies like Splash Media and Blue Jay Wireless. With experience dipped in different corners of the economy he is capable of helping every new business reach it’s calling.

Along with his business prowess, Marc Sparks is a generous philanthropist. He bases most of his good deeds throughout the Dallas area. Samaritan Inn, a local homeless shelter, has him to thank for funding and help. Marc Sparks has also helped build homes alongside Habitat for Humanity. It doesn’t end there, he’s even supported American Can! Academy. Finding philanthropy to be pursuit as well as a way of life, Dallas has felt the transformation among many neighborhoods.

Business success combined with upstanding charitable efforts make Marc Sparks a prime example of an american businessman. Sparks was the underdog that no one saw coming and rose up to become the motivation for people who want to succeed with passion and drive. His actions will encourage new people into the system and help them achieve victory. Marc Sparks would love to hear from you, go ahead and follow him on twitter!


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