Market America; Changing The Way People Shop

Market America; Changing The Way People Shop

Market America is an internet marketing and product brokerage company that specializes in social shopping and one-on-one marketing. The aim of the company is to create a medium where entrepreneurs can generate ongoing income while offering customers a better way of shopping. The company seeks to create an economy of the future.

Founded in 1992 by the pair of JR and Loren Ridinger, the company’s headquarters is in Greensboro, NC. The company employs over 800 people globally with operations spread across the planet, from Australia (2002) to Taiwan (2005), from Hong Kong (2007) to the United Kingdom (2012).

In 2010, Market America acquired, a shopping comparison firm and went ahead to change it retailing domain to from the initial is currently one of the largest online retailer for consumers worldwide. The company offers more than 35 million products and services from dozen of internet retailers. Some of their product categories include health and nutrition, weight management, cosmetic, personal health and jewelry. Some of their services include; internet marketing services for medium and small scaled businesses and personal financial management.

Market America partnered with iMirus in August of 2008 to start MA Newsstand, which offers print and digital versions catalogs, magazine and books. It operates on a simple yet effective business model where products exclusively marketed on the site and produced by other firms.

Currently, Market America has garnered more than $7.3 billion in retail sales from non-franchise business owners and independent distributors. These are businesses and individuals that do sell via the company website but are able to operate their own online retail websites which are called partner stores. These non-franchise business owners and distributors have earned more than $2.4 billion in retail profit and commission since the founding of the company. As of 2016, the total asset of the company was valued at $791.1 million with a revenue of $791.1 million.

Using social shopping and one-on-one marketing, the company taps into the combined capacity of the power of people and the internet. They are changing the way people shop and the status quo, allowing just about anyone to become financially independent.


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