Marketing, Sales and Retail Merchandising Skills of Kenneth Goodgame

Marketing, Sales and Retail Merchandising Skills of Kenneth Goodgame

Kenneth Goodgame was appointed as the Chief Marketing Officer and the Senior Vice-President of the True Value Hardware Company in 2013. Kenneth is renowned for his ability to build high-performance teams, streamline smart business and financial oversight strategies, combine innovate marketing and merchandising as well as manage profits and loss, creating multi-million dollar operational excellence management systems.

Kenneth Goodgame studied at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, where he earned his bachelor’s Degree in Finance and Marketing. Before his nomination at the True Value Company, Kenneth learned the skills of managing the balance of corporate alignment, quality assurance systems, employee engagement and key performance indicators, all of which increase a firm’s performance and profitability. This was while he worked for several other companies including Global Material Manager (GMM) for Ace Hardware, Rubbermaid Cleaning Products, The Home Depot, and the Black and Decker.

While at Ace Hardware, Kenneth managed full profit and loss in global purchasing and executed a game-changing craftsman program that grew the company’s hard tool products from $9 million to $180 million in sales within a year. He also overhauled the company’s strategy because of the current economic downtown, creating a 4.5% increase in annual top sale growth. He also created a state-of-arts merchandising test facility that comprised two in-house stores, formal line review areas, testing stations, layout facility, vendor support areas and buyer playground for retail innovation.

At Home Depot Atlanta, Kenneth led all the procurements for the $16 billion product category for consumer and commercial clients, increasing the top line by 11% and the gross margin return on investment (GMROI) by 300 points, generating over $375 million sales within a year. This was the achievement of his lifetime. He also worked as the President of Rubbermaid Cleaning Products in 2002, where he redesigned the firm’s innovation programs in infection reducing micro-fiber products that are still widely used in hospitals today.

Even though Kenneth was well known for his leadership skills in the fields of brand creation and recognition, his creativity extends to sales, merchandising and promotional planning. He is the kind of guy who formulates ideas, then consolidate them into a focused, unified vision. His extensive experience is a source of power to explore the market shifts, as well as avoid costly mistakes that other operations managers frequently misses.

He is a leader that any company would be proud to have on their team, and True Value is certain of continued success with such an icon leading their way. He will improve sales, enhance the quality of products, manage profits and losses, improve procurement functions, conceive and executive strategic negotiations, launch new products, design and launch national consumer promotions, enhance productivity and contribute at the corporate level to improve the performance of the company.