Matthew Autterson Is Helping Change the World for Disabled Individuals

Matthew Autterson Is Helping Change the World for Disabled Individuals

Matthew Autterson is a distinguished graduate of Michigan State University. He received a BA degree in Finance in 1980. He also attended the graduate tax program offered at the University of Denver. He started his career at First Trust Corporation, but left in 1982. He then joined a team that chartered a trust company in Colorado State. Autterson took on the role of President for Resources Trust Company. As such, Autterson has a great deal of financial and business experience that allows him to successfully lead the organization.


Matthew Autterson also serves on the board of Falci Adaptive Biosystems. The non-profit organization helps individuals with mobility issues to interact better with objects in their world. These individuals, with better mobility and access to machines, can live a more meaningful life. There are millions of people with neuromotor disabilities that can benefit with increased interaction with their environment.


As such, Falci Adaptive Biosystems works closely with medical and engineering experts and leading medical centers to develop adaptive technologies. These technologies help people with neuromotor disabilities transition easier into rehab. Some patients even find that they can even drive a race car with specific, adaptive systems. While such activities are not for everyone, it is inspirational for those who participate.


There are currently 2.2 million people or more who must depend on a wheelchair for mobility. For these people, upper body strength is critical along with adequate dexterity. They must perform tasks like wheeling, dressing, feeding, communication, and grooming themselves as best they can. Many, depend on the help and assistance of caregivers. For those with less control over their upper body functions, technology is being developed every day to make life easier. Go To This Page for more information.


The mission of Falci Adaptive Biosystems is to develop these life-saving technologies that will allow disabled individuals to more effectively control their homes, wheelchairs, and work environments. Many people have no idea of what it is like to live with a challenging disability. Individuals like Matthew Autterson and Falci Adaptive Biosystems are helping make the world a better place for the disabled. The company’s partners include Air Force Research Laboratory, US Air Force Academy, Falcon Works, Craig Hospital, Princeton University, and the Furniture Now Racing Team.


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