McRobots or McProfits?

McRobots or McProfits?

Recently, there have been images floating around the internet that depict a futuristic McDonalds with self-ordering stations and “McRobots” serving up Big Macs and Chicken McNuggets. The source of this idea comes from a satirical piece written in response to McDonald’s employees demanding a $15 per hour minimum wage. The idea that personalized customer service can be replaced with screens and buttons could be an answer to rising employment costs.

Could fast food wielding robots realistically replace real people? Cutting out the human element in fast food ordering turns dinner into just another chore. Many people prefer to order any sort of food with a real person. Think of calling a customer service line for a phone company. The automated machine picks up and tells you to speak to it, as if it’s a real person. The machine then proceeds to get all of the spoken information wrong and leaves the customer irritated. This idea brings to light the real issue. Daniel Amen wonders if true customer service can ever be replaced by machines.

Machine replaced customer service is not the brilliant idea that it’s made out to be. Some companies are using the idea of speaking to “real people” as an advertising ploy. Marketing departments have figured out that most consumers prefer actual humans to machines. Why would McDonald’s risk losing profits by trying to save money on employees?

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