Meet Adam Milstein, the Philanthropist, Activist, and Consultant

Meet Adam Milstein, the Philanthropist, Activist, and Consultant

Adam Milstein is the Israeli-American Council (IAC) chair. He is a well-known investor and philanthropist. Adam has strived to build his name over the years. He has been in Hager Pacific Properties where he helped the company record a profit of $42 billion. IAC was founded to unite people of Israel origin living in the United States. It advocates for the rights and freedom of the Israelites. Jewish people recognize Adam for his charity works.


Philanthropy Work


Adam Milstein giving made him the father of charity works. His activities have benefited both the Jewish community and surrounding people. He is the founder and principle of Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. The organization empowers and supports learners who have the interest to learn and practice the Jewish way of life. It provides students with scholarships to advance their religious studies to strengthen their spirituality. The movement members enjoy opportunities to learn about the Jewish heritage and culture. Adam Milstein is also a fellow of Philanthropists & Social Entrepreneur.


Adam Milstein


Adam was born in Haifa in the early 1950s. He lived in Kiryat Motzkin and went for Israel Defense Forces training. The future investor participated in the Yom Kippur War. He enrolled for business and economics studies at Technion to acquire formal training.


After relocating to the US, Adam joined the real estate industry. He was a sales representative at Hager Pacific Properties. He used his position to master the activities taking place in the field. Adam joined the University of Southern California for a master’s degree. Adam Milstein became part of the executive at the investment entity after amassing the required skills and experience.


The philanthropist established the Israeli-American Council to strengthen the relationship between the Israelites and Americans. He advocates for better living for the Jewish community. The activist encourages people to learn about the Jewish religion and cultural practices.


Adam Milstein is currently managing activities at the family foundation. The entrepreneur is also a consultant at the real estate field. Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation donate more than $1 million every year to human rights movements that fight for the Jewish persons.


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