Mexican Woman Aided By Bank for Being ‘Too Old’

Mexican Woman Aided By Bank for Being ‘Too Old’

Maria Félix is a Mexican woman who will be seeing her 117th year alive in July. Despite her longevity, Maria had to endure three months without access to her welfare card for being considered too old. Fortunately, she was graced with someone personally delivering her 1,200-peso checks, roughly $63 dollars, after the situation was made known. Maria’s age means that she can still remember the Mexican Revolution and that she numbers among the world’s oldest people on the planet.


The three month gap began after Maria was turned away from a Citibanamex branch within Guadalajara. The bank felt that she was too old and according to Miguel Castro, a secretary for the state of Jalisco’s development, explained that recent changes to banking regulations require that Welfare recipients must also have individual bank accounts for the sake of monetary transparency. Félix was informed that the bank had an age limit of 110 years. While Félix makes a meager living selling home-made candy, she was overjoyed when Castro learned about her situation and came to her doorstep with a check and an apology. Félix attributes her good fortune to God.


In an electronic statement, Citibanamex, a division of Citigroup, said that it would work on fixing Félix’s card problem as soon as possible and that it would adjust is procedures to avoid any repeats. Castro found the whole situation ridiculous and has promise to continue delivering checks to Félix until the card situation is solved.


Félix believes she has lived for so long through a combination of steady Christian worship and a diet of bean stew, cactus, greens and fruit. Félix is very close to the record for oldest living person, currently held by a 117-year-old Jamaican woman. Only one-fiftieth of all claims from people over 115 years old are ever verified.



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