Michael Burwell, The Successful CFO

Michael Burwell, The Successful CFO

About Michael Burwell

Michael Burwell is the CFO of Willis Towers Watson. It is an advisory firm for large and small companies. Michael received his undergrad degree from the University of Michigan and he is also a CPA. Before Michael joined Willis Towers Watson he gained 30 plus years of experience in the industry of finance.


Accomplishments in Michael’s Career

Some of the accomplishments in Michael Burwell’s career that he is proud of begins with four people that he has mentored which became partners of his previous company. He mentored four people with different skills, personalities, and goals. Michael is very proud of his tiny contribution to the success they’ve had. An additional thing he’s proud of was his bottom line increasing ability as well as efficiency.


He didn’t have to lay off anybody in the process. He cut down the budget by $500 million, but what was really important and successful was the preservation of jobs. Burwell also navigated a deal with Google, creating a special partnership that will enhance the experience of the people and keep them while bringing in the next generation of innovators. The partnership with Google is what makes forward-thinking possible.


Challenges in Michael’s Career and in the Future

The biggest challenges Michael Burwell sees facing his industry is managing the volume of information and data available to the client in the future. It is expected to double. This data will be helpful for clients and other companies to manage risks, but you must be using updated data analytics tools and understand how to leverage the data. Generation Z are going to be all about the digital future. They have been raised in the age of the digital world and can be the forerunners of your digital vision. Refer to This Article for additional information.


Technology and efficiency are another thing we face in the future. We must address those issues up front if we plan to survive. Technology gives us the advantage of doing more with our current resources. We can streamline our processes and be more efficient without increasing our costs.



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