Michael Hagele Has Some Important Ideas on Being an Entrepreneur

Michael Hagele Has Some Important Ideas on Being an Entrepreneur

Michael Hagele began his illustrious professional career with a very humble and sometimes very unenjoyable job: Working at a car was during the winter in Chicago. But he then entered his long career in business and technology by earning his B.A. from the University of Iowa and his J.D. from the University of California at Berkeley. He is both an outside general counsel for and investor in a number of technology companies. He has garnered a vast amount of experience in the international internet, telecommunications, software, and hardware fields. View Ideamensch.com for more info.

Much of this has involved his immense expertise in business technicalities. Earlier in his career, Hagele also handled all of the legal affairs of a number of internet-based businesses. His experiences as both outside and in-house counsel has shown him that individual professionals can produce just as quality work as big businesses who do the same thing. He himself is an individual professional and he sees his work as top quality because he puts his clients work in first place at all times. He believes this type of mindset of placing the customer first is especially important for attorneys.

Hagele believes that Social Media is one of the most important tools for staying connected to your customers. In addition, it just a great way to keep in contact with the world. During the day at some point, he will rejuvenate his creative muscles and let off some steam by taking a bike ride. After work, in the evenings he will cat on the phone with some of his overseas investment partners.Of all the technologies he has a hand in, he is the most optimistic about the future prospects of Artificial Intelligence. However, he believes in all of his business endeavors. And he says you should only work with people who believe in it too.

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