Michael Zomber is a Man Who Loves History & Lives His Passion

Michael Zomber is a Man Who Loves History & Lives His Passion

Michael Zomber is a man who loves history. He loves it so much that he has devoted his entire life to the study of it and more importantly to the sharing of it to others. He also is a lover of culture, specifically he has always been fascinated by ancient Japanese culture and how it has evolved in a wide variety of ways though the centuries. He has been able to find ways to combine his love of so many varied things in ways that are both entertaining and informative and for that he is one of the lucky ones.

Michael was born in Washington DC and from an early age his parent knew that he was special and they encouraged him. He was attracted to learning and not only did well in school, but thrived at the challenges that other kids shirked from. He went on to attend college and earn numerous degrees including bachelor’s degrees with honors in both English Literature and in Psychology. He also holds a master’s degree in English Literature from UCLA. The latter of which is where he learned the craft of storytelling, a craft that he uses quite well to share his love of history to the masses.

Michael Zomber is the author of more than a dozen screenplays and has authored several novels, both fiction and non-fiction including the critically acclaimed Sweet Betsy That’s Me: A Child of the Civil War. He is also the author of the popular Shogun Iemitsu, and an authoritative non-fiction work, Jesus and the Samurai, which uses original source material to explore the fascinating link between early Christianity and the foundational principles of the early samurai virtues.

Michael has worked recently with The History Chanel to contribute as a guest historian for their series Tales of the Gun. Michael work with the show can be seen in episodes including: Guns of the Famous, Shotguns, Million Dollar Guns, Dueling Pistols, Automatic Pistols, and, Guns of the Orient which he considers his personal favorite. He is well regarded as an expert on ancient swords, specifically he is known as an internationally recognized authority on Japanese samurai swords, a subject which is of particular passion for him.

Michael is also aware of the horrors of war and the pain and devastation that man has the ability to inflict on their fellow man. It is for that reason he and his wife Andrea support many organizations which help to ease the pain of war and bring hope and peace to the world both domestically and abroad. They are avid supporters of Antiwar.com, the Randolph Bourne Institute, as well as Doctors without Borders. Here at home they give back to the community by supporting Disabled American Veterans and The Smile Train which bring dental care to children who could not normally have access to it.

Michael Zomber is a man who loves history but he is also striving to make sure that we all have an education about it so we do not repeat its mistakes while at the same time helping to build a future that will be bright for us all.


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