Michael Zomber is Passionate About Many Things

Michael Zomber is Passionate About Many Things

Michael Zomber is a man of many passions. One of his main areas of interest is history. He and his wife formed their own production company, Renascent Films, for the purpose of creating their own historic documentaries. With their own production company Zomber is assured of imparting the quality control he requires for his projects. Zomber is committed to authenticity for everything he does right down to the smallest detail. There is no detail to minute when it comes to historical accuracy.

He is also a passionate antique arms collector. His collection includes weaponry and armor from around the world and includes American, European, Islamic and Japanese arms especially from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century. Michael Zomber believes, as a collector, his stewardship is a top priority to maintain the fine craftsmanship that went into such weaponry. Collecting such weapons is an art as much as it a collection and it is up to collectors to maintain the historical value of weapons as they represent an important place in history.

Michael. Zomber is also a prolific writer, as well as storyteller and has penned and published several history based books. He has published several books focusing on rural Kentucky after the Civil War that will be of interest to Civil War buffs, as well as written several books about Japan and samurai swords. Jesus and the Samurai and Shogun Iemitsu will be of particular interest to those with an interest in Japan.

To round out his passions and interest is Michael Zomber’s philanthropic interests. He and his family support organizations that coincide with their own values of love, compassion and peaceful resolution of conflict. Two of the organizations he supports is Doctors Without Borders. It is an organization of medical and other staff members who provide emergency aid to those affected by natural and man-made disasters, epidemics and armed conflict. Michael Zomber also supports UNICEF on Facebook, an organization dedicated to end childhood hunger worldwide and care for children with life threatening diseases such as malaria and aids.


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