Michel Terpins – The Pride Of Brazilian Rally Sports

Michel Terpins – The Pride Of Brazilian Rally Sports

Rally car driver Michel Terpins is no stranger to competition. He has been racing motorcycles and rally cars for many years, along with being a co-founder of the BULL SERTOES RALLY TEAM. His participation in multiple events including the Mitsubishi Cup, Brazilian cross-country and Sertoes championships have garnered him country-wide recognition, as well as becoming a beloved figure for the Brazilian people. Fans of BULL SERTOES flock to these events to see Michel tackle the unforgiving terrain in his quest for victory. Michel’s brother Rodrigo is also a rally car driver and has sat navigator with Michel for events in the past. Most recently, Michel and newly acquired navigator Justo have been operating the MEM Motorsport’s T-Rex rally car, which is the T1 prototype classification and used for the Sertoes event. Michel ran the three thousand kilometer race and finished fourth overall in the competition.

Michel’s love for sports and competition were present from a very young age, with his father Jacko having a successful basketball career early on in life and then later transitioning to business and real estate. His support of Michel’s interests gave him the confidence to pursue the rally-sport scene, which undoubtedly takes a sizeable financial commitment. Michel races to win but also as a representation for the love of his family and the Brazilian people. The people who come from all over to watch his events are an inspiration for him to perform at the very top of his ability. The Brazilian people are proud and the success that Michel is able to represent through his racing on behalf of his country is a dream becoming reality.

Rally racing is dangerous and an individual must have a strong commitment both mentally and physically to compete. Michel Terpins’s competitive spirit does not allow for car break downs or other unforeseeable issues to interfere with his passion to race. With the sort of terrain commonly associated with rally racing, the ability to not only overcome that terrain but to also keep your machine in its top operational state is an ongoing, daunting task. Michel Terpin takes this head-on and continues to thrive on the Brazilian rally car circuit.


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