Michigan Hosptial begins using Pokemon Go to get sick children more mobile

Michigan Hosptial begins using Pokemon Go to get sick children more mobile

A hospital in Michigan has recently begun using the explosively popular mobile app, Pokemon Go, to help its sick patients get more motivated to leave their rooms and become more sociable.

Before using the app to get young patients mobile, children in the hospital would oftentimes avoid contact with one another in the halls; ever since implementing Pokemon Go, however, the children have been reported to be far more enthusiastic about going out of their way to spend time with one another through the game.

One mother testified that augmented reality app helped her 11-year-old son cope far better with his ongoing treatment at the Mott Children’s Hospital for an inoperable brain tumor. The mother said that one of the biggest challenges had been to help her son fight the depression of being holed up in his hospital room all day, and the app made accomplishing this far easier.

The Mott Children’s Hospital has several Pokespots set up around the hospital grounds, making it easy for the patients to get the most out of the game simply by leaving their and taking a few steps out into the open.

While the Mott Children’s Hospital has seen considerable success with its Pokemon Go strategy, other hospitals have actively prohibited the app. The reason for the app’s banning in other hospitals is based on a number of stories about people playing the game being potentially led into dangerous or prohibited areas; to account for these risks, the Mott Children’s Hospital has put cautionary signs in front of several hotspots.