Mina Ebrahimi and her concerns on chicken intake

Mina Ebrahimi and her concerns on chicken intake

Mina Ebrahimi from the Saint Germain Catering has strongest standards for the products her business brings in to delight their customers with the top quality of their food. She says that she has been working meticulously for 2 decades to study every vendor they tried working with and she could proudly announce that her firm purchases only from vendors who provide healthy and fresh products. She also mentions how most of the people are generally not aware of the quality of food they eat at home or at a restaurant. And hence it is imperative that we do some level of homework about the place we are likely to order food next time.

She mentions that there could be serious health issues when you do not take quality food intake. There are so many people suffering from high levels of cholesterol or have upset stomachs or even food poisoning because of improper quality of food. She advises us to stay away from dining places who use injected salt content chicken to serve to their customers. One of the reasons, she says, companies do is due to the cheap price of such type of chicken where the margins for profits for them could be astronomical. Another reason is their longer shelf life. She clearly articulates that her firm has never purchased injected chicken and that’s one of the reasons for her immaculate record on her food quality.

Ms. Ebrahimi gets very upset to see the increasing number of people who are falling sick, thanks to the un-hygienic quality of food that they eat. It bothers her a lot and she makes very serious attempts to make sure that the customers are never cheated on something they would consume. She always wants to give the same food to their customers that she would prefer eating. That is a very strong statement as it reflects on her work ethic and highest moral standards. She is proud of her team who diligently make an effort to purchase chicken from vendors who do not use any injected forms even though it costs her a bit more than usual.



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