Missing Little Girl in Australia Found Alive and Protected by Loyal Dog

Missing Little Girl in Australia Found Alive and Protected by Loyal Dog

After a search that lasted more than 12 hours, rescuers from the Queensland State Emergency Service found a three-year-old girl who had gone missing in a remote area, and their success has been attributed to a very faithful dog named Max.

The incident occurred during an April afternoon. The little girl was first reported missing around 3:00 p.m. by her parents in the large farm they own in Southern Downs, a rugged section of Queensland. The parents last saw Aurora playing around the farmhouse with Max, an Australian cattle dog that has been with the family for years. By nightfall, more than 100 rescuers, volunteers and police officers were involved in the search, which had to be suspended due to low visibility in the mountainous terrain.

When the search for Aurora resumed the next morning, her grandmother led a group up a mountain spot located about two kilometers away from the farmhouse. The family had not noticed that Max was also gone, but they did not think too much about the canine since he is known to explore the mountains and return on his own. Aurora responded to her grandmother’s call; as the rescuers began to track her screaming, Max came down from the mountaintop and rushed towards the group.

Max barked and howled excitedly and started running towards Aurora, eventually leading her grandmother and the rescuers to the spot where she spent the night with Max. Aurora’s grandmother told a news crew from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that the little girl was a bit dehydrated but otherwise fine. She smelled just like Max, which means that she cuddled next to him throughout the night.

Local police officers who participated in the search declared Max an honorary K-9 officer. Australian cattle dogs are also known as blue heelers and are considered to be extremely loyal.


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