Missing Wedding Ring Returned Safely

Missing Wedding Ring Returned Safely

An Oregon woman has been reunited with her missing wedding ring only days before her wedding anniversary. Six weeks after losing the ring during a beach trip, she discovered that a Good Samaritan had found her ring and was looking for its owner.

Paul Nickerson and his wife just wanted to take a relaxing stroll on New Year’s Eve along the beach in the small town of Seaside, Oregon. As they walked across the sand with their daughter, her wedding ring somehow slipped off her finger. Nickerson’s wife later realized that her wedding ring had fallen off her hand and the family returned to the beach the next day to frantically scour the shore for the missing ring. After a day-long search, they came up empty handed, unable to find the missing jewelry.

However, Nickerson wasn’t ready to give up. He placed an ad on Craigslist, asking anyone who found the ring to please contact him. The couple had begun to give up hope when they received an e-mail from a stranger. Alexandra Schommer and her fiancé Kyle were vacationing in Seaside two weeks after the ring disappeared. The couple decided to take a walk with their dog along the shore during a rainstorm. As the rain washed sand off the beach, a glint of metal caught Schommer’s eye. She reached down and retrieved a wedding ring, the same ring that the Nickersons had lost days earlier.

Not knowing how to find the owner, she held onto the ring until her mother mentioned that she had seen an ad on Craigslist concerning a lost wedding ring at Seaside. Schommer e-mailed the Nickersons and was able to return the ring to them in Troutdale, a town almost 100 miles away from the beach. The Nickersons were overjoyed to receive the lost ring back six weeks after it went missing, right before the couple’s 20th wedding anniversary.


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