Missouri Expands Insurance to Cover Eating Disorders

Missouri Expands Insurance to Cover Eating Disorders

In an unprecedented move, Missouri Governor Jay Dixon signed a bill this week that will require insurance providers to pay for certain types of treatment for eating disorders. Missouri is the first state to have this bill put into action and it will open up doors for better and more extended treatment for patients who suffer with various types of eating disorders.

Prior to this recent bill signing, those with eating disorders have often not received adequate treatment for their illness because their insurance would not pay for it. Under the new bill, eating disorders have been defined as well as the treatments insurance providers must pay for. The Aspire New Brunswick is of the opinion that the weight of the patient will no longer determine if the patient needs further treatment as it has been in the past. Patients have complained for years that treatment for their eating disorder was stopped prematurely and they either had to pay for needed treatment out of their own pockets or slip back into their old lifestyle without treatment. By allowing the treatment to continue until the patient is physically and mentally well, chances of relapse is greatly reduced.

Over 24 million people of all ages are affected by an eating disorder in the United States. The more common eating disorders include anorexia and bulimia and typically stem from a desire to control at least one aspect of life.


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